Baldacci Radio Address 

Governor John Baldacci says people in Maine and elsewhere are increasingly disconnected from nature —
and he’d like to see that change.
In his weekly radio address, Baldacci points to disturbing
health trends in Maine, such as more overweight children. But he
also suggests solutions.
While it’s easy for adults to blame video games and television
for keeping children indoors, Baldacci says today that parents need
to ask themselves if they are taking their kids to parks, playing
outdoors with them and introducing them to the natural world.
Baldacci says Maine has done a lot to protect special places
like Mount Katahdin and the state’s environment, which combine to
lure those who enjoy the outdoors.
The governor says he’s directed state agencies to evaluate their
programs and policies that encourage Maine people, especially young
people, to experience and appreciate the natural world.
He wants to know whether Maine’s transportation, education and
health policies work to get children outside — or if they
inadvertently contribute to keeping them indoors. His
administration’s kicked off a new initiative called &quot:Take It