President Bush in Maine 

A few dozen tourists, reporters and

antiwar protesters gathered at a checkpoint leading to Walker’s

Point in Kennebunkport Saturday as President Bush prepared for a lunch

meeting with French President Nicolas Sarcozy.

The leader of the activists, Jamilla El-Shafei, offered &quot:Iraqi

freedom fries&quot: to passers by to suggest that Iraq should be free

from U.S. occupation. She also handed out fresh peaches that she

dubbed &quot:impeaches.&quot:

Police Chief Joseph Bruni and a couple of state troopers were

near the checkpoint that blocked off a section of Ocean Avenue in

front of Bush’s patents’ home to all but local traffic.

El-Shafei had organized a rally early last month that drew 1,700

people when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Walker’s

Point. She plans what she says will be an even larger event on

August 25th even though the president won’t be in Maine that day.

E-Shafei said she didn’t have the time or energy to mobilize for

the Bush-Sarcozy visit on such short notice but felt compelled to

hold a small vigil.