On Hot Days, Leave Your Pets at Home 

ELLSWORTH – Police say the owners were inside a store for up to 45 minutes. They told police they left the air conditioner on when they went inside. Police are still investigating.

Those who work with animals are warning folks to leave their pets at home on hot days. According to Doug Radziewicz of the S.P.C.A., &quot:Even with the window cracked, the temperature in a car could easily exceed within a few minutes 120 degrees. Obviously that can be fatal to a dog or a cat.&quot:

Police say someone noticed a black lab and a rottweiler inside the car and broke a window to get them out. People in the parking lot attempted to resuscitate the dogs, but they were unable to save them.

Police say it appears this could be a tragic accident. Results of their investigation will be turned over to the district attorney’s office to decide if charges will be filed.