Local Stores Fight Underage Drinking 

It’s behavior they hope will catch on with other retailers.

As of two months ago, C.N. Brown convenience store employees had to sign an agreement that they will follow new company pollicy, and check the ID of all customers, no matter how old they appear. If the Employee doesn’t, they lose their jobs.

While a small percentage of employees have been let go for not complying with the agreement, Waterville store manager Wally Graves says most employees, and customers for that matter, don’t mind taking the extra step.

The new policy also takes the pressure off cashiers by not asking them to make a judgement call on age, instead letting the register and the policy do all the work.

The Waterville Police Department says it’s happy to hear the stores are helping in the fight to curb teen drinking and the problems that brings. They hope to see other retailers adopt similar policies in the future.