Diagon Alley in the Old Port 

PORTLAND – A red-brick warehouse on the site of a former locomotive foundry was converted into London’s Diagon Alley. That’s the store-lined street where Harry buys his wands and other magical paraphernalia in J-K Rowling’s saga of the wizard world.

The Maine Narrow Gauge Railway, a local tourist attraction, was transformed into the Hogwarts Express, which shuttled Potter fans throughout the day on the ten minute ride between East End Beach and the festival site.

The Mugglefest program includes magic shows, costume contests and displays of live owls and reptiles. Shops, meanwhile, offered wands, owls and other wizard paraphernalia.

All5.000 tickets were sold out days in advance, and another1,000 were distributed free to needy kids. Proceeds from ticket sales and donations from vendors are earmarked for a Portland nonprofit that operates an early education program for children and an outdoor adventure program for at-risk adolescents.