Update: Amherst Death 

Authorities now say 27-year-old Tad Howard was murdered.

Sgt. Troy Gardner told TV-5, &quot:based on the evidence we collected at the scene, based on the information provided by the medical examiner’s office, as well as the evidence processed at the crime lab, we’re treating this as a homicide.&quot:

Previously they had classified his death as &quot:suspicious.&quot:

Authorities, however, are still not saying how Howard died.

Howard’s body was found by someone mowing grass in the Scenic Vista subdivision, about a mile from the Clifton-Amherst town line.

While many of the details surrounding Howard’s death are still being kept quiet, authorities say at no point did they believe anyone else was in danger.

They are asking anyone who may have known Tad Howard, or who may have any information regarding his death, to call the State Police at 941-4071.