Site of First Trans-Atlantic Flight Getting a Makeover 

In 1978, history was made in Presque Isle when three very determined men launched from a field and traveled to Misery, France in the first successful Trans-Atlantic ballon flight. And, because of it the Star City was put on the map. So in 1981, the Spragueville Extension Homemakers purchased the piece of land from the successful balloon flight and developed a small park, complete with monument.Over the years, the original cedar fence has begun to deteriorate and the homemakers are looking to bring it back to life.The total cost of the project is estimated at $8,500. Marilyn Wheeler says letters have been sent to businesses and so far has received $1,200 in donations, with an additional $1,000 from the Rotary Auction in the fall and another $1,000 from Presque Isle Rec Department. With hopes of completion in the summer of 2008.