Aurora Family Left Homeless 

Smoldering ruins are the only thing left of the home that was more than one hundred years old.

When Judy Monahan left her home to go to Bangor Saturday night she never dreamed flames would consume it before she returned.

Judy and her husband, John, were living in the house on Silsby Hill Road with their eight children.

They were in a restaurant about to eat dinner when they got the call that their house was on fire.

Flames destroyed the barn and damaged the house Saturday night.

It reignited early Sunday morning and destroyed what was left.

Firefighters, members of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department and neighbors worked furiously to take some of the belongings out of the house.

They were able to save the families photo albums but they were not able to save a lot of things including some of the children’s clothing. They need boys clothing size 7-8 as well as 8-10. They also need girls clothing size 14.

The Monahans say that was their home and they can’t imagine living any where else.

The community is trying to help them. A spaghetti supper is being held at 6 o’clock on July 20th at the Airline Community School.