Maine Vodka for Putin 

While Russian President Vladimir Putin visits President Bush in Kennebunkport, demonstrators plan to

attack his policies in Chechnya. But Maine Distilleries plans to

welcome him with bottles of vodka.

The C-E-O of the Freeport-based distillery delivered eight

bottles of his pricey Cold River Vodka to a member of the Russian

embassy who is doing planning for Putin’s visit.

Maine Distilleries C-E-O Bob Harkins personally drove the vodka

to Kennebunkport in advance of Putin’s arrival.

Harkins sees an opportunity to provide the Russian leader with a

gift of a local, Maine handcrafted vodka.

Cold River Vodka is made from Maine potatoes and water from an

aquifer fed by the Cold River. It’s marketed as a top-shelf liquor.