Rain Storms Bring Fire 

Fire fighters responded to a number of calls, including one on Getchell Street where a lightning strike is believed to have set a home on fire.

A woman and her six-year-old daughter were inside when the fire started: thankfully they made it out safely, though fire fighters say the first floor of the home is badly damaged.

In Hermon, another home was damaged by Wednesday’s storm. Witnesses say three bolts of lightning shot from the sky.

After hearing the thunder and seeing the lightning, Gerald Phillips told his daughters to get out of their swimming pool. He then realized his neighbor’s home was on fire.

Phillips went over to make sure the man who lived there was okay. As it turns out the neighbor, Wayne Hamel, had been sleeping as his barn, workshop, and home were burning.

Phillips kicked in the door, and pulled Hamel to safety.

The barn and workshop were destroyed, but fire crews were able to save Hamel’s home, although it was severely damaged.

Neighbors say Hamel has lived there since he was a kid.

A camp in Surry was also the victim of the storm. Crews were called to Newbury Neck around 8:20 pm.

We’re told the owners were around, but not inside the camp at the time.