Verdict Reached 

49 year old Peter Mills and 46 year old Stephanie Stark were accused of sexually assaulting three women.

Both Mills and Stark were found not guilty on the most serious of crimes, Class A Gross Sexual Assault. Still a Superior Court Judge has decided to hold the two without bail pending a sentencing date.

It took jurors just about four hours to determine Mills and Stark’s fate. This after four days of intense testimony, including hearing from all three of the victims.

Jurors had to consider 34 charges while the defendants were found not guilty on the most serious crimes. They were found guilty on 24 counts, including a lesser charge of gross sexual assault.

A sentencing date has not been set pending a forensic and pre sentence evaluation. Sentencing will take place in Hancock County where the crimes were committed. Until that time Mills and Stark will remain at the Hancock County Jail.