Foal Runs Afoul 

(AP) – Kurt Smith was working in the yard earlier this week at his horse boarding facility in Bangor when Molly, his border collie, came running and barking, signaling that something was wrong.

Smith discovered that the two-month-old foal Mati – short for Matinicus Rock – had fallen into a 12-foot-deep abandoned well.

Molly baby-sits the horse and looks after her.

Smith called the Bangor Fire Department, which dispatched firefighters and a ladder. Smith descended into the well, slid ropes around Mati’s front legs and hindquarters and was able to pull her out of the well. Smith said she’s in good shape.

The 250-pound foal, owned by Lisa Kelly, was small enough to fall down the five-foot-wide well. The well shaft was filled in with gravel yesterday to prevent future incidents.

In an odd coincidence, Smith and his wife, Denise Mitchell, had been watching a T-V news report about &quot:Baby Jessica,&quot: whose rescue after she fell into a well in Texas nearly 20 years ago engrossed the nation. Smith said, &quot:Two hours later we had baby Mati. It was dDejGa vu.&quot: