Tense Moments in Skowhegan 

Things have been a bit tense at the Skowhegan Area High School.

Following the suspension last Friday of thirty or so students who staged a protest about what they say is a school gang problem.

According to witnesses, some of the protesters joined members of the gang at the Skowhegan Community Building on Monday to work out their differences.

Police were called, as a precautionary measure, and confiscated knives and swords from one of the vehicles belonging to the gang, although there were never any threats made to use the weapons.

Wednesday, members of a crisis team, along with the Skowhegan police chief and the school’s principal, met with representatives of both sides to sort through the matter.

The Chief says he’s encouraged by the talks.

Both the Police Chief and the principal deem the school a safe place, but some parents are still uneasy and even keeping their kids out of school.