UMaine Tuition Jump 

University of Maine students could be in for a whopping tuition hike.

UMaine trustees Monday unanimously signed off on a 12.5% tuition hike, should the governor’s proposed budget go through.

Tuition hikes in recent years have averaged about 7.5%, already well above the rate of inflation.

The governor’s budget calls for an extra 5 million dollars for the UMaine system.

Trustees say 11 million is needed to maintain UMaine’s quality of education.

If the state budget goes through as is, trustees say the typical undergraduate student will pay an extra $685 a year.

In an effort to meet in the middle, the school system is presenting a tuition offset plan to the governor.

If he agrees to a budget increase, the University of Maine system agrees to cut administrative costs by another two-point-five million, and boost financial aid by two million.