Controversial FDA Plan 

The food and drug administration is working on a proposal to clear up what kind of health products should be regulated, like vitamins and supplements. Critics say the proposal could force people to get prescriptions for common pills and significantly increase the cost of them.

Lee Witting says the FDA plan is getting the United States ready to take part in an international trade agreement in 2009.An agreement thatsome countries have already joined.

The plan is in effect in bothGermany and Norway. In Germany, a bottle of zinc tablets that used to cost $4.00 on the shelf now costs $54.00. A bottle of echinacea, which people like to use when they get a cold, went from $14.00 to $153.00.

WABI contacted the FDA about concerns that the same thing would happen here, but no one ever responded to our calls or e-mails.

The period of time for the public to comment on the FDA plan ends May 29th.

Folks are collecting signatures at the Natural Living Center in Bangor to send to Maine lawmakers in opposition of the plan.

You can also send an e-mail to the FDA at [email protected]