Bar Harbor Inn’s Crepes Grand Marnier 

*** Serves 4 ***

For the crepes:

20 6-inch crepes or 1 package fresh crepes

cup cinnamon sugar mix

cup butter

For the sauce:

8 oz. orange marmalade

4 oz. orange juice or juice from 2 oranges

2 tablespoons honey

4 oz. Grand Marnier or Triple Sec

2 oz. butter

4 oz. chopped dried apricots

For the presentation:

4 large scoops French vanilla ice cream

whipped cream


fresh raspberries


For the crepes: Reserve 4 crepes to prepare the crepe basket. Saut crepes in medium saut pan in butter over moderate heat. When sauting, sprinkle crepe with cinnamon sugar. When the crepe is golden brown, fold crepe into size and remove to plate. For the crepe basket, saut crepes in butter and cinnamon sugar. After removing from pan, let cool in a muffin pan or form a basket over a bowl or cup.

For the sauce: Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan and heat over medium heat and reduce slightly.

For the presentation: Place one crepe basket in the center of plate and surround basket with the sized crepes. Fill basket with vanilla ice cream, top with sauce and garnish with whipped cream and mint sprig. Use any remaining sauce to pour over sized crepes and garnish with fresh raspberries.