Father fights to change sentencing 

The father of a 14-year-old girl murdered nearly 18 months ago in Fayette by a neighbor her same age says he’s trying to honor his daughter’s memory by helping to craft legislation that would affect the sentencing of juvenile offenders.

Ted Johnston says it’s wrong for juveniles who’ve committed even the most despicable crimes to be placed in adult prisons. He’s been

working on legislation drafted by the Attorney General’s Office that would require so-called blended sentences for certain juvenile


Those under 16 who are tried and convicted as adults would be placed in juvenile facilities until they turn 18, and only then be transferred to adult prisons to complete their sentences.

Johnston’s daughter’s killer pleaded guilty to manslaughter last December and was handed a 16-year prison term.

Patrick Armstrong got a blended sentence and will be moved to an adult prison after he turns 18.