Soldier Killed 

Specialist Kyle Little died on Tuesday when a bomb exploded near his vehicle.

His father, Mike Little lives in North Berwick. Specialist Little was raised by his mother in Massachusetts, but often visited his father in Maine.

Mike Little says the Army turned his son’s life around: from a high school drop-out, to a man focused on a military career.

The 21-year-old was also a newlywed, and his wife is due to deliver their first child in November.

Mike Little says he’s devastated his son will miss out on the bright future he had ahead of him.

At schools in York, flags are flying at half-staff in honor of Specialist Little: his father works for the school district.

Governor Baldacci has ordered all flags to fly at half-staff on the day of Specialist Little’s funeral. Which will be held in Massachusetts where he grew up.