Mental Health Funding Issues 

Those who rely on mental health services are sending up a flare.

They say the state is turning its back on the mentally ill by not providing the funding needed to care for them.

From 1970 through the 1990’s many people with mental illness were de-institutionalized in hope of giving them more productive lives.

The idea was that those people would receive the services they need from community based programs, but funding for those programs has repeatedly been cut back forcing some programs to close, leaving the mentally ill without the help they need.

The Maine Association for Mental Health Services organized Tuesday’s press conference which included health care providers, mental health consumers and more.

Homeless advocates and law enforcement officials were also there to testify about the amount of mentally ill people they’ve been forced to deal with as a result of the cutbacks.

They say the problem will only get worse if the legislature follows through with another 100-million dollars in cuts to help balance the budget.