Augusta Shooting Death 

The killing of an Augusta man in his apartment has has neighbors on edge.

Two young men have been charged in the shooting death of 62 year old Jean-Paul Poulain

18 year old Corey Swift and 21 year old Mathiew Loisel of Augusta were in court Wednesday.

Maine State Police say Jean Paul Poulain was shot in his school street apartment in Augusta at about eight o’clock Wednesday night.

Poulin was a Franco-American singer who was known for promoting the French culture around the world.

Corey Swift and Mathew Loisel who are charged with the murder of Poulain arrived at the Kennebec County district court Wednesday afternoon. An affadavit indicates that Loisel shot Poulain in the chest, and that Poulain identified the two men before he died on the way to the hospital.

Court documents also say Swift says they went to Rob Poulain.

It’s also says Loisel told police he wanted revenge after Poulain had sexually molested him.

In the state of Maine if you are an accomplice to murder as was Swift, you will be charged with murder as well.

Authorities say the two men were picked up by police early Wednesday morning.