Two Deaths in Lebanon 

50-year-old Donna Dube lived just up the Little River road. She was with her 4 year old granddaughter, Saphire Perro visiting from Manchester, New Hampshire.

She tried to get across the Grist-Mill bridge, but the water was crashing over the guard rail. She then turned around and ended up on the other side of Chick road, which was also flooded.

Witnesses saw the woman and the child get out of the car and try to get across on foot.

What may have looked like a puddle, was actually three feet of water, with a very strong undercurrent. Rescuers said, the woman and the child were swept away, screaming for help.

100 feet down river when rescuers finally reached them by boat.

Rescuers worked on the victims for more than an hour before they were pronounced dead.