Blueberry Growers Paying More for Bees 

Maine’s blueberry growers are expecting to pay higher prices for honeybees to pollinate their fields this

spring following a die-off of bees across the country.

Maine’s blueberry crop requires about 50-thousand beehives for

pollination each year, with most of the hives brought to Maine from

other states.

Spencer Allen of Allen’s Wild Maine Blueberries in Blue Hill

says he usually imports about 12-hundred hives for 800 acres of


He says the price he will pay has risen from about 50 dollars to

70 dollars for each hive placed in his fields next month.

Commercial beekeepers in 26 states have reported that they have

lost between 50 and 90 percent of their bees to an unidentified


Scientists say the country’s food supply may be at risk if die-off continues unabated.