Head of I Care Pharmacy Arrested 

The man who recently took over the mail-order pharmacy operation on Indian Island has been arrested as a fugitive from justice.

That’s according to a report in the Bangor Daily News.

Police say 45-year-old Jerry Tanner…president and co-owner of I Care Pharmacy…was taken into custody Thursday.

He’d been wanted by police in Alaska on charges of sexually assaulting young men under 21…and providing alcohol to a minor.

Alaska officials say the incidents happened back in the summer of 2005.

Tanner was indicted in Alaska in February of this year…a warrant for his arrest was issued at that time.

When authorities learned Tanner was in Maine, they alerted police here.

Tanner faced a judge in Bangor yesterday, then posted a cash bail.

A condition of that bail is that he return to Alaska to face the charges there.

Tanner took over the mail-order pharmacy just weeks ago…he’d planned to re-located the business to Fort Fairfield.