Training Flights 

(AP) – Baldacci sent a letter yesterday to Maine’s congressional delegation saying he doesn’t believe enough time’s been allowed for public comment on the proposal. The governor’s also concerned that the environmental impact of the flights has not been fully considered.

The Guard wants to be able to send F-15 fighters over a portion of the Condor Military Operations Area in Maine at a ground-hugging altitude of 500 feet.

Currently, the jets are not allowed to fly lower than seven-thousand feet above sea level on training flights in Maine.

The deadline for public comments on the proposal was next Friday, but Senator Susan Collins of Maine said earlier this week said the Guard agreed to extend the comment period for an environmental assessment for a month, until May 13th.

Baldacci still doesn’t think that’s enough time. He says there are many seasonal property owners in that area who have a right to be heard from. Baldacci also questions the impact on eagle nesting sites, and on local aircraft.