Stingley dead at the age of 55 

Teammates of Darryl Stingley are
remembering the former Patriots wide receiver who was paralyzed in
a 1978 exhibition game.
Stingley died today in Chicago at the age of 55.
Former Patriots quarterback Steve Grogan said Stingley was
(quote) &quot:a great person, a great teammate and a leader in the
locker room.&quot:
Grogan threw the pass Stingley was hurt on when he was hit by
Oakland Raiders safety Jack Tatum. Grogan said he’s seen many
players get up after violent collisions, but knew this injury was
serious when Stingley didn’t move.
Grogan says he’s replayed the pass in his mind many times over
the years, wondering if he could have done anything differently.
Grogan says Stingley went on to become an inspiration to people
who suffered similar injuries.