SAD 37 Meeting 

(WABI) – It’s gotten to the point where the school board is now considering whether to cut some teaching positions, and maybe even eliminating some schools.

A special meeting was held at Harrington Elementary School Wednesday night.

Concerned teachers were on hand to hear the school board discuss the budget.

The proposal at this time is to eliminate 4 teaching positions, 2 of which are filled by 2 teachers retiring that will not be replaced.

There will also be a restructuring of principals. Columbia Falls Principal David Beal has already accepted the position of Superintendent.

Teachers and board members tell us that the High Land Valuations in the area, and the desire to keep student to teacher ratios low, have been major problems for the district’s budget.

School Administrators are required to give a 90-day notice if any teachers or principals are let go.

There’s been no word on any final decisions to come out of last night’s meeting.