Family Looses Beloved Pet 

(WABI) – It all started when a lost cat ended up at the facility while its owners were trying to find it.

Stephanie Hall and Robyn Dennis lost their orange tiger cat, Izzy, last Friday. She got out of the house when some visitors came in. Izzy suffered from breathing and eye problems, so they were very eager to get her back. They searched all weekend, then started calling shelters.

It turns out Izzy was at the Bangor Humane Society, but the shelter has no record of Dennis’s call. Thinking Izzy was still on the loose, Dennis and Hall showered their neigjborhood with flyers. Meanwhile, the Humane Society evaluated Izzy and started her on antibiotics because she showed signs of being sick.

Humane society director jeffrey mitchell says the shelter typically holds strays for 72 hours. But they kept Izzy for an extra two days to see if she wold get better.

As a way to keep other animals form catching any diseases, the Humane Society’s policy is to euthanize sick animals. When Izzy didn’t get better, they eithanized her on Thursday.

That was also the day the owners got a call from the man who turned Izzy in, telling them the cat was at the humane society. So they went right over to get her. the young worker realized that the cat they were looking for was the cat they had just put down, but her managers weren’t around and she didn’t want to break the news to the cat owners, so she said the cat was no longer in the building.

So the owners took this to mean the cat had been adopted and started to offer a reward and tried to get information on the new owner, only to find out Friday that the cat they were looking for had been put down. Hall says she and Dennis are crushed and angry. They feel like the humane society’s policy and procedures need to change to assure this doesn’t happen again.

Mitchell says he agrees and is looking into making some changes to eliminate the likelihood of making such a mistake in the future. He recommends that people who have lost a pet come to the humane society that day to fill out a missing animal report. But for now, he says it’s just a shame what happened.