Bomb Threats Close Three Area Schools 

(WABI) – Bangor Christian School, John Bapst High School, both in Bangor, and Hampden Academy received bomb threats in the mail this week.

The schools are working together and with authorities in what SAD 22 Assistant Superintendent Emil Genest says is a very real and very serious threat.

Genest says Hamdpen Academy and John Bapst received printed bomb threats in the mail Monday morning: Bangor Christian received there’s Tuesday morning.

All three were postmarked from Eastern Maine with Friday’s date.

The all said the first bomb would go off on Wednesday, March 28th at 1:45 pm: and all three were signed RADAR.

The only differences in the letters, a safe location in the schools.

Bomb sniffing dogs were brought into the schools on Monday, but nothing unusual was found.

Monday morning, Hampden Academy locked down all the doors except the front door. All students were required to go through that entrance: they and their bags were then searched before being allowed to go into the school.

Now all the school’s have been locked down and no one will be allowed back in until Thursday morning.