Bangor Death Update 

The investigation continues into the weekend murder of a Bangor woman.

43-year old Christina Simonin’s body was found Saturday night behind the building located at 148 Union Street in Bangor.

Many questions surrounding her death are still unanswered, but Tuesday, friends and neighbors were shedding a little more light into Christina Simonin’s life.

Friends and neighbors tell us they’re shocked and surprised, Simonin was a good person but they also say Simonin had many enemies, still, they can’t imagine she upset someone enough to kill her.

Bangor police say Simonin lived at 148 Union Street, but others say she was evicted back in January.

They believe Simonin was living with her boyfriend in an apartment on First Street, about a block from where her body was found.

Two teenagers who live in the neighborhood found Simonin’s body Saturday night while out for a walk.

The teens found what they believed to be a dog stuffed in a trash bag, the bag was buried in the snow behind the building located at 148 Union Street.

The boys dragged the bag out, opened it, and found Simonin’s remains.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Bangor Police Department. Their number is (207) 947-7384.