Shannon Atwood In Court 

It was a somber mood in Somerset Superior Court where the families of Cheryl Murdoch and Shirley Moon Atwood were awaiting to see what Shannon Atwood had to say.

Atwood did not say much though.

Wednesday afternoon he did request an application to have a court appointed attorney assigned to him.

Atwood was scheduled to be released from Somerset County jail this week, he was being held on terrorizing charges, accused of using a bow and arrow to hold off police back in August at his home in Canaan.

Shirley Atwood, who was married to Shannon Atwood has not been seen since the early spring of 2006 and Cheryl Murdoch had lived at Atwood’s home in Canaan prior to her disappearance last summer.

In August her body was found, police aren’t indicating how she died.

Cheryl Murdoch’s sister made a statement on behalf of her parents, Dick and Lucy Hoxie who were not in the courtroom Wednesday.

Although police have not recovered Shirley Moon Atwood’s body, they say they have enough evidence to prove she is dead too and that Shannon Atwood is responsible for her death.

Atwood will be held without bail at the Somerset County Jail