Canaan Man Arrested on Murder Charges 

It was back in August of last year when the body of a woman was found in Canaan, before that, another woman from the same town went missing.

Tuesday, state police announced that they’ve charged a man with killing them both.

37 year old Shannon Atwood is facing two counts of murder in connection with the deaths of 38 year old Cheryl Murdoch and 35 year old Shirley Moon Atwood.

Cheryl Murdoch had lived at Shannon Atwood’s home in Canaan prior to her disappearance last summer.

Murdoch’s body was found in a remote area off of the Scott Road in Canaan.

Shirley Moon Atwood had been married to Shannon Atwood at the time of her disappearance in the early spring of 2006.

Investigators say they have not found her body.