Propane Update 

Striking Railway workers in Canada met with government officials Monday, to try to resolve a 10-day strike that’s halting major supplies of propane to Maine.

Governor Baldacci has also asked the Canadian Government to intervene.

Maine receives as much as 70 percent of its propane from Canada.

About 20 rail cars full of propane were expected in Maine Monday, but it’s not nearly enough according to Mike Shea, President of Webber Energy.

He says Maine needs more like 50 to 60 rail cars a day to really make a difference.

Shea took part in a conference call with members of the Governor’s Emergency Reponse Team, County Emergency Management Directors and Fema.

Based on current shipment schedules, shea estimates propane dealers only have about a week’s supply of propane left to meet demand.

That means rationing.

Several propane tankers are due in New England ports in the next few weeks, but shea says they’d need to double their volume to make up for Maine’s deficit.