Propane Shortage 

Arail strike in Canada and this week’s major snowstorm have delayed propane deliveries to several states, including Maine.

Baldacci says there haven’t been any reports of people running out of propane but local suppliers are rationing their propane to make sure certain businesses like hospitals and nursing homes have enough.

Senator Susan Collins has asked Canada’s Prime Minister for his help in getting more propane to Maine.

The Canadian Rail Strike started last Saturday, and since close to 70 percent of Maine’s propane arrives by rail, the strike’s caused major delivery problems.

Collins is urging Canadian officials to help put an end to the strike.

The folks at Webber Energy in Bangor say they’re still making deliveries, but they’re rationing supplies of propane so that there’s enough to go around.

They say hospitals and nursing homes are their first priority along with homeowners who rely on propane for their heat.