Hewitt Pleads Guilty 

(AP) – Scott Hewitt was ordered to serve 30 months of a ten-year prison sentence, followed by four years of probation. He also was given a five-year license suspension, which could be extended for life under further administrative action.

The plea agreement was accepted this afternoon by Justice Thomas Warren in Kennebec County Superior Court.

A tractor-trailer driven by Hewitt slammed into a car at a construction stoppage along the turnpike in July 2005 in Hallowell.

The crash killed 40-year-old Tina Turcotte of Scarborough, who was driving a car in front of Hewitt’s truck.

Hewitt was driving on a suspended license at the time, and he had numerous previous motor vehicle violations. The fatality prompted the Legislature to crack down on motorists with suspended licensees who refuse to stop driving.