Fairfield Fire 

Fire crews were on the scene most of the night, extinguishing hot spots after fire decimated the Irving Big Stop gas and convenience store on Route 201 in Farifield Wednesday.

At 2:18 Wednesday afternoon the call came in that the Irving was on fire…when they arrived, flames had fully engulfed the building. Crews responded with decisive action, but when the fire spread to the roof, they pulled back, and went into a defensive posture.

Nearly 5 and a half hours after firefighters started, they finally gained control of the fire and a bucket loader was brought in to knock down walls. The blaze raged for hours, keeping crews there well into the night.

Busses came in to provide shelter to the weary firefighters who, wet from sweat and hose spray, were beginning to freeze where they stood.

Men and women from nine departments fought against what Fairfield Fire Chief Duane Bickford says is one of the worst he’s seen in the last 15 years.