PIN Rx Investigation 

(WABI) – Legislative Republicans are asking the Baldacci administration questions about the PIN R-x program which is reportedly under investigation for its involvement in the sale of controlled drugs over the Internet.

This afternoon, the two ranking Republican state senators said there appears to be too little oversight to make sure the program is run legally and effectively.

Senate Minority Leader Carol Weston of Montville also submitted a freedom of information request to Governor John Baldacci seeking public documents relating to PIN Rx.

A statement from Baldacci’s office says the details of any pending investigation by the state Pharmacy Board and identity of anyone involved in any investigation are confidential under state law. It says it would be inappropriate to comment on the substance of the alleged investigation.

The mail-order operation was established in 2005 with the help of Baldacci. The state helped the Penobscot Indian Nation obtain a $400,000 grant to set up the company that supplies drugs to clients of the state Medicaid program.

Media reports say a complaint that PIN R-x was selling controlled substances through questionable Internet sites prompted a Maine Board of Pharmacy investigation. The state attorney general offered a consent agreement to PIN R-x, but it turned down the offer.