HPV Legislature 

A Bangor lawmaker is proposing a controversial piece of legislature.

House Majority Whip Sean Faircloth wants the state to require that all maine girls entering sixth grade be vaccinated against the human papilloma virus, or HPV. It’s a sexually-transmitted virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer.

The Federal Centers for Disease control have recommended that all 11 and 12-year-old girls receive the vaccine, which was only recently developed.

Now several states, including Maine, are considering bills regarding the HPV shot.

Faircloth says his bill does include an opt-out provision for parents who don’t want their daughters vaccinated.

Family physician Dr. Erik Steele says although he recommends all parents vaccine their daughters. He’s doubtful the legislation will pass.

The Christian Civic League of Maine opposes the bill.

Director Michael Heath says since HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, the best prevention is abstinence and not a vaccine.

Representative Faircloth says he’s working closely with State Senator Lisa Marache to draft legislation in regards to the vaccine.

Marache is a family physician who wants MaineCare to pay for the vaccine for girls covered under the state plan.