School Report 

A new report shows that Maine schools should NOT focus on what students learn, but how well teachers instruct. The report comes in response to concerns raised by Maine educators about the local assessment system.

Many educators argued student assessments at the end of the school year were being over-emphasized, so the state hired an international expert, Michael Fullen to look into the complaints.

Fullen visited with 15 school districts as research.

He suggests the state focus on the learning process in the classroom throughout the year, believing that would help address the problem as to why some students aren’t learning all that they should by the end of the year.

State education commissioner Susan Gendron supports Fullen’s findings, and is now looking into repealing the local assessment system.

Governor John Baldacci’s consolidation plan has provision to ensure all Maine students who graduate high school are prepared for college. It calls for the state to set up ‘learning communities’, where teachers can design high-quality curriculums.