Muddy Rudder’s Pecan Crusted Trout Salad 

1 egg, beaten
cup pecans
cup flour
1 trout, cleaned
1 oz. olive oil
5 oz. mescaline greens
2 oz. gorgonzola cheese
1/8 cup dried cherries
5 mandarin orange segments
5 grape tomatoes
3 oz. your favorite dressing (A balsamic vinegar and olive oil combination is recommended)

1.Using a food processor, chop the pecans. Then mix the pecans with the flour.
2.In a large pasta or salad bowl, combine mescaline greens, gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes, cherries and mandarin oranges.
3.Pour olive oil into a saute’ pan and bring to medium-high heat.
4.Dip trout in egg wash then press in flour/nut mixture.
5.Place coated side down and cook until golden brown. When trout is cooked thoroughly, you should be able to pull the skin right off the trout.
6.Place trout on salad, nut side up, and serve with your choice of dressing.