Smoking Ban Reaction 

Next weeks drivers will need to heed to a new ordinance in Bangor – the first of its kind in our state. It prohibits smoking in cars with children inside.

Councilors passed the ordinance as a way to protect kids from secondhand smoke but some folks see it as local government going to far and invading their privacy.

The manager of the Cigaret Shopper in Bangor says customers have been discussing the new law Tuesday.

Dan Whitney’s a smoker and say most of people realize it’s not a good thing to smoke with kids in the car. But there’s criticism that it’s yet another right the government is taking away from smokers.

Bangor Police Chief Don Winslow says the ordinance makes smoking in a car with someone under age 18 a primary offense. That means police can stop drivers and fine them 50 dollars.

Arkansas and Louisiana have similar laws banning smoking in cars and other cities are considering it.

Bangor’s new ordinance is set to take effect January 18th.