Former Bangor High Student Dies From Meningitis 

A former Bangor High school student has died of possible meningitis.

Danielle Thompson was admitted to the hospital yesterday and underwent treatment, but she passed away today.


The Maine Public Health Department reported that it is contacting all the people who may have come into contact with Thompson recently. Those folks will need to take antibiotics as a precaution.

There are reports that screenings are also taking place in New Hampshire where Thompson went to college, and in Kentucky where she may have gone on a trip recently.

Maine CDC Director, Dr. Dora Mills, stresses the disease is spread through saliva

&nbsp:The New Hampshire Health and Human Services Department says 20-year-old Danielle Thompson may have contracted a rare form of bacterial meningitis., a student at the University of New Hampshire, graduated from Bangor High School where she was a cheer-leading captain.. So sharing a drink or eating utensils and kissing can spread the illness. Mills says there’s up to 12 cases of this form of meningitis each year.UNH officials say they plan to hold prevention education classes for students. Those would start January 16th when school resumes after holiday break. According to the UNH press release, the university has been encouraging students to get vaccinated against the disease for several years.Dr.&nbsp:Mills also says Thompson may have been vaccinated, but the vaccine didn’t defend against this specific strain of meningitis.


ealth officials stress that the community at large is not at risk.