Danger! Thin Ice! 

WABI – The start of ice fishing season is just around the corner, and game wardens have a stern warning for folks hoping to get their tilts out on the ice next week.

Traditionally, January 1st we’ve always had plenty of ice. But for the last couple years, and this year especially, we don’t have much ice.

The unseasonably warm weather has made for less-than-optimal ice conditions across the state, and there’s no way most lakes and ponds will be ready come January 1st.

Once the ice on your local pond is thick enough, folks need to be cautious when testing the ice.

Always bring a buddy with you, and if you go through the ice don’t panic.

Turn over on your back, kick and flail until you get up on the ice, then continue to roll until you’re back to safety.

Even if mother nature comes around and throws some cold and snow at us this weekend, don’t be fooled. That still won’t be enough to ensure a safe environment for ice fishing.